Mai Saotome is a part of authorities orgainization that is private. She and her counterpart named Takayama are getting their mission - to protect the stepson of a millionare. It looks like the biz that his parent running is at some serious troubles now and it is nicer to take care of the security of everoyne. However, what are the motives of troubles and what exactly endangers his stepson? This is exactly what Mai and Takayama (and also you as a participant ofcourse) would need to learn. The problem with all the sotry which you may have is that the texts are in japanese language so if you don't know it then play this game as some sort of interactive comics - artworks here made with 3D graphic style looks truly cool. Keep noticed this game is only a prologue (or even a very first portion of the string ) and also in the long run you'll be offered with a unique code to another game.
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